Paediatric dentistry is all about your child! We take care of your child's dental needs with the utmost care. We are a family orientated practice and treat children of all ages.
At Eminent Dental Wellness it is important for us that your child has a very relaxed and comfortable experience in the dentist chair.

Paediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry where we focus on providing dentistry to your child while partnering with the parent(s) to take great care of your child’s teeth.

First check-up:

Your child can visit the dentist when the first tooth appears in the mouth. This is typically around his or her first birthday. The early visit provides an opportunity for us to evaluate the development of the teeth and also provide an opportunity to discuss good oral hygiene care, dietary habits and to answer any questions you as parent might have when it comes to looking after your child’s teeth. 

During a child's first visit we will introduce them to the dental environment in a fun and positive manner. If the child is still very young, they will sit on the parent's/guardian's lap in the dental chair or they can sit alone if old enough. We will take a quick peek inside the mouth, possibly take x-rays if the need arises and ask the parent/guardian a few questions. We will have a playful interaction with the child and, in this way, set a positive foundation for children to visit dentists in the future.

In addition, we will also give guidance on oral hygiene practice for your child. A more comprehensive consultation will be done when more milk teeth have developed. It’s advised to bring your child every 6 months for their check-ups. If you notice any abnormalities related to your child’s mouth or teeth, you should go and see a dentist immediately.

Dental cleanings and caring for your kids’ teeth:

A good oral hygiene routine starts the day you get home from the hospital. It is very important to gently clean your baby’s gums after feedings by either using a moist gauze pad or washcloth.

Their teeth usually start to errupt between the age of 6 months to a year. Once their teeth appear, you can start brushing them with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush – preferably with a small head- to remove the plaque bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. Age appropriate toothpastes are available.

As your child grows, so should the toothbrush size. Remember not to let your child brush their own teeth too soon. Children are not coordinated enough to clean their teeth on their own until they are about 5 years old. After this age they may still need reminders and supervision to ensure that they do the brushing right.

Flossing your child’s teeth once a day is also important, this should start as soon as the teeth are in contact with each other, this usually occurs at the age of 3 years. This ensures that children develop and maintain healthy teeth.

Professional cleanings and even x-rays can be done from 4 or 5 years of age, when children can sit on their own in the dental chair. If they can sit and co-operate at an earlier age, they are welcome to come for cleanings.

Our entire team enjoy working with children and we would love to make your child’s dental experience enjoyable. You might even be surprised how much your child enjoys a dental check-up visit!

Restorative dental care:

Even though preventative check-ups and cleanings, accompanied with daily dental care at home, all contribute towards preventing dental caries, sometimes kids may require some fillings.

If your child is familiar with the dental office, visits for restorative fillings should run smoothly. If your child for various reasons can not or will not sit in the dental chair for treatment, child friendly conscious sedation or treatment under general anaesthetics can be arranged. You are welcome to contact the practice for more information on these options.

At home, remember to talk to your child in a positive way when explaining dental visits. Try not to use words such as injections, pain and drills, when talking about dental restorations. We often find anxious children developing fear for the dentist because of the wrong ideas planted in the mind of the child.

It is our goal to provide your child with dental care in a child friendly environment that will leave them with a positive experience for future dental care.

Dental Tips for Parents:

  • 6 monthly check-ups and cleanings are advised.
  • When your child’s permanent back molars develop, we may recommend dental sealants to protect their teeth against tooth decay and allow for effective cleaning.
  • Your adolescent child may need encouragement to maintain proper daily oral care habits and a healthy diet.
  • Try to limit your kids’ intake of sugary foods, sweets and drinks, including energy and sports drinks. Water is still the best to provide hydration while cleaning the mouth.
  • If a sugarless gum is used it should not cause any tooth decay. The natural sweetener Xylitol is found to fight tooth decay.
  • Keep a close eye on your child’s brushing and flossing routine.
  • If your child struggles with sore, red gums, chronic bad breath or gums that bleed when brushing, they should see the dentist.
  • Later in your child’s teenage years, they will need to see the dentist, to evaluate the position and growth of their wisdom teeth. The dentist will discuss removing their wisdom teeth, if they might cause a problem in the near future.

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